Selling your old Gold is quick and simple and hassle-free Process.


Selling your old Silver is quick and simple and hassle-free Process.


Selling your old Diamond is quick and simple and hassle-free Process.

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Current Market Price

We help you to get back the current market price against your used or old gold sale.

Instant Cash

Get Instant Cash Offer for your Old Gold jewelry and we help you to sell all your Gold at best market price.

Release Pledged Gold

We aide you in releasing pledged gold from financial institutons, bankers and pawn brokers.

Purity Checks

The highly competent and employs cutting edge technologies for testing gold.


We are the perfect go-to lenders for all your gold financing needs. Our team is here to help you with all sorts of gold loan related services like cash for gold, releasing pledged gold or sell your jewelry.

No more waiting to get the money for the gold, get instant money on your gold, spot cash options are available means you will always walk away with cash for your gold and definitely with the best price in the market.

Get in touch with us for all your gold related cash encashment needs, and we are the best in the way we serve our customers with our best price for gold in the market.

Our Services

Gold Buyers

Assurance is the next aspect everyone would look for when it comes to gold buyers. With that note, we are named as one of the best gold buyers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Silver Buyers

Silver is one among the most precious metals that is the prominent metal used in trading. It is mostly the exchange and trade that is taking place all over the world that sets the standard rate for the prices of silver.

Diamond Buyers

We stand out among Chennai’s best diamond buyers, not specifically pertaining to buying any sort of old diamond jewellery against cash at the current market trend, but mainly due to the exclusive range in terms of the discounts.

Current Market Price

Buying gold jewellery is definitely an asset for every human being, as this can be easily converted to cash at any time.

Instant Cash

We are in deed awarded as the most reputed gold buyer in Chennai city. Well known for our highly professional staff, who are experienced in buying gold and also in assisting in releasing your pledged gold for cash.

Release Pledged Gold

We offer safe, transparent and also the scientific way of testing your way of buying your gold. At (), we give provide you the best experience for selling your gold articles or coins / bars for instant cash payment.

Doorstep Service

Don’t worry if you’re hesitant to leave your house to sell gold for cash; we’ve got you covered. You may now sell gold jewellery for cash at the touch of a button with our doorstep service. Give us a call and we’ll be there as soon as possible.